About Gemstone Roundtables

A gemstone roundtable is an opportunity to come to a party at a retail jewelry store and “play” with gemstones. The stores we work with hold a dinner party for a select group of their customers with colored gemstones as the main course!

Please view the video below to see what a Roger Dery Gemstone Roundtable is all about!

The evening facilitates a focus on gemstones and provides a memorable buying experience for customers. Guests will be exposed to a large variety of colored gemstones and be able to see, feel, and play with each one. Roger will spend some time discussing colored stones minerals and cutting styles, allowing the customers to learn about the the creation of gems. This holistic experience all comes while meeting the master faceter himself and hearing his unique stories from his world wide travels.

Gemstone roundtables are unlike regular events because guests will hear stories about Roger’s travels, experience his passion for gemstones, touch his creations, and create a memory that will last with the possession of their stone.

Roger and Ginger were first introduced to Roundtables in 2004 and ever since that first roundtable, the idea took flight and they have enjoyed partnering with retail jewelers to create dynamic, exciting, modern events. Together, they travel the United States and Canada conducting gemstone roundtables, sharing their stories, gems and passion with customers and retail jewelers.

If you are a retailer in the United States or Canada and are interested in hosting a gemstone roundtable, contact Roger and Ginger here.