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Safari and Gemstones in the Wilds of the African Outback

RogerInAfricaInspectingNewRoughExperienced traveler and award winning gem cutter Roger Dery takes several buying trips to Africa each year. Travel with him and a select group to gem mines, markets and game parks. Discover the ‘thrill of the hunt’ with miners, dealers and locals.

Gemstone Adventure Travel has years of unique gem mine travel to mix with the safari experience to result in the trip of a lifetime. Not to be missed by any jeweler who wants to see for themselves where the gems of our livelihoods are from and how to set themselves apart in our highly competitive industry!

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The African continent is blessed with a plethora of wildlife and gemstones. Gemstone Adventure Travel takes you on safari to experience elephants, zebra, giraffe and lions and then transports you to the elusive world of gem mining.

You will visit tsavorite, garnet, zircon, ruby and tanzanite mines. You’ll meet with miners and brokers in the bush and at the markets. You’ll be at the source. Experience what few in our industry ever do and share the compelling narrative with your customers and your community.



African Gemstones

Africa is abundant in gemstone materials. There are market centers for gem rough from Kenya, Tanzania, the Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mozambique. Understand mine to market and all the steps in between.

Garnet – Zircon – Beryl – Sapphire – Tanzanite – Tourmaline – Iolite – Scapolite – Spinel

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“What an adventure! Each day in Africa was a highlight experience! From exploring working gem mine sites near a remote Maasai village to scores of wild elephants bathing at a water hole 100 feet away, the caliber of thrills was excitingly maintained throughout the trip!”

Nancy Schuring – Devon Fine Jewelry

“The African trip with Roger Dery’s Gemstone Adventure Travel was an unbelievable almost surreal experience! How many people get to go to a Tsavorite Garnet mine? How many get to work in the streets with dealers or miners and buy rough? The trip afforded a glimpse into the exotic world of colored gemstones at the highest level of education and experience.”

Dave McConnell – The King’s Jewelers