Roger’s Work

RogerDeryThe more Roger has learned, the more he has become intrigued by the various gemstones species, faceting techniques, and the way they work together to reflect light. After 20 years in the industry he wasn’t appeased by average gemstones; it was time to embark on the journey of faceting his own gems. The journey has taken him to South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa, including Madagascar, Tanzania, Namibia and Kenya…and soon to Malawi.

Roger considers himself a purist. He admires the classic cuts. His favorite gemstone is a rich cornflower blue Sapphire in an antique cushion. His passion is re-designing classic cuts to bring them vibrancy, sparkle and life, like the trademarked Asscher cut made famous in the mid 1800s by Joseph Asscher.

Roger is also enamored with rare and unusual gemstone species. He enjoys cutting the traditional Sapphire, Aquamarine, and Garnet, but is most captivated when working with out-of-the-ordinary gems. Some of his favorites are Golden Beryl, Morganite, Orthoclase, Iolite and the many colors of Zircon. His zeal for infusing life into gems was realized with his Golden Scapolite (see picture) that won an American Gem Trade Association “Cutting Edge Award” in 2007. This 14.22ct Scapolite from Tanzania was in a custom square emerald cut design.